Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy New Year right?

Ok, so i have no excuses that i wish to give at the moment but something is nagging me at this point that i feel like i have to share - I am dating this guy and he's upset with a really good female friend - who has also reached out to me during our whole dating experience and has been super friendly to me too. Now, she mus have figured out that my boo is upset with her and has asked me wsup - Do i tell her that he's upset with her and why and how she can fix it or do i simply mind my own business and let them mend their fences on their own??? I kinda want to tell her wsup but i have been told to stay out of it and she has asked ol' boy what the matter is and his response has been "nothing's wrong." I feel a little bad here so please help me out!

On another note isnt Bella Naija Fabulous - i feel like she needs to post multiple times a day so that my ameboish tendencies would be quelled. so Bella - post regularly ok - this babe needs more and more of your gist man!