Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yawa don gas o!

Wow....It feels like forever since i blogged :) - been really busy - work, life etc but i just heard one juicy gossip like this that i just had to share - nooo im not an amebo i just like to keep my people informed! Now, not sure if you guys are familiar with NY gossip queen Wendy Williams??? Anyways, i think i blogged about her many months ago and i used to listen to her at work last yr with all her juicy gist! In fact, she was the one who informed me that my Brian McKnight was a bit of a funny bunny, she broke out that Superhead gist and had her, Method and Method's babe on a 3-way! Anyways, babe is just SCANDALOUS! Turns out that she's been fired from her WBLS gossip gig because of some piccies that she released of Diddy! Now if you've listened to her show - there's no love lost between Wendy and Diddy because she has always said he was a funny bunny too - having something with all his guys - Fansworth, Loon, Ma$e to mention a few. But this has to be the cincher - she released these piccies of Diddy and he had her blacklisted from the radio...

Now, does that look like the man or not??? Wendy too went looking for trouble - she should have left his funny butt alone:).

On a more serious note, Im reading one of the most amazing books ive read in a long time! Its called the five people you meet in Heaven and its really good! If you haven't read it, please buy it, borrow it, beg somebody for it or go to barnes and noble and sit there and read it abeg! its that good and i might be kinda late in catching the hype but i shall post a review on our book blog! Well, no more gist for now... Im headed to lagos in a week and really looking forward to the trip, eating some GREAT food, hanging out with friends and of course the purpose of the trip - being Maid of Honor in my girl's wedding! Ciao!!!