Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To Job Search or not to....

What are the primary factors that make you consider a new position or log onto and various companies websites to check their current postings? Boredom with your current position, more of a challenging role that lets you ACTUALLY use what you learnt in school, managerial/ supervisory advancement in the nearest future , experience or good ole' money??? I have a friend who got a NIZE offer from one of the Big 4 Consulting companies and quite suprisingly, money is not the deciding factor. Sure they are offering a nice mouth-watering bundle of money, but more importantly they are offering the opportunity to become a Manager in the next yr as well as a diverse array of job responsibilities.
I think when i first entered the job market, right after college, any job i could lay my hands on was KEY! In fact, my first job was for three months working at Bank One with some mortgage loan processors. I used to tell customers who liked to call all the time asking about the status of their loans whether it was approved, if it was still being reviewed factors that were delaying the approval ie if they needed to send in more documentation or if they had bad credit or whether you were plain SOL etc. Then i could tell you your debt-to-income ratio, the amount of equity you had in your house that would qualify you for a Line of credit bla bla bla BUT the job was in the middle of downtown Houston, so far that i couldnt drive there - i would have to drive to the closest Park n' ride near my house (20 mins in rush hr traffic) and then sit on a rageddy bus with all kinds of people for an additional half an hour till i got to work and the cycle continued on my way home.
Now, i would NEVER accept this kind of job again - not even in another lifetime well.....except the money was just plain fantastic but even then i'd have some serious doubts.

What i am currently looking for apart from a great salary of course - is one that gives me the right kind of industry exposure - the right kind of experience with transferable skills that are applicable not only in one area of work but almost any! One that i definitely enjoy going there everyday and supports my shopping habits too! And one with recognition for hardwork and success - something that you really feel proud doing and a good employee Investment all you balling me already!!! Ahn ahnn, this same friend of mine has stock options ehn that will make your mouth water, His company rewards them with stock bonuses as well as cash! Of course this is only good news if the company is doing well but you can imagine what the CEO and CFO are seriously cashing in just in stocks alone! This also brings to mind the CEO of ExxonMobil who made how much in salary & bonuses last yr - when i first heard his story - i wanted to be his daughter! Now, i want to be him period!!! I need to wangle and finangle my way onto the Executive floors of some company preferably in Nigeria and stake my tax-free claim jare.


At 8:08 AM, Blogger Biodun said...

Nice entry...i totally feel u on d naija waiting for my break thru job that will give me all that I freakin went to skool for...but in d mean time...I will put in my time, build up my resume n wait n hopefully not for too long!

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Onada said...

Girl..... you can come and work for me. don;t you know blogging is the latest business? since money is not a factor you wont not getting paid right? LOL just kidding. I feel you. Sometimes i think i'm lucky because i love my job and its a great place to work. I think once you've found your perfect fit you'll know.

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Mona said...

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At 9:12 AM, Blogger Mona said...

@ Onada Yep you're for me I'm still finding my feet but thankfully I don't hate my job..............YET! Hmm I wonder if these blogs can also be a good way to Network, that'll be sooo ACE. So for all you people with contacts out there! Holler and pass around.


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