Thursday, April 20, 2006

What does your blog say about you?

I was reading somewhere today about my Nigerian blogs and i have to agree with the general consensus - I love 'em!!!! I have to be really honest, I do enjoy reading anything GOOD! It doesn't matter what its about as long as its coherent and makes some kind of sense, so you can imagine my 'favorites' tab on my work computer!!! I am always afraid that if the IT department at work decides to scan my internet caches and see all the sites i go to, they wont be able to pronounce the names and i know i'll get into REAL trouble for the sites i visit. 70% of them are blogs!!!!!! This is my daily work routine - i get in sometime between 8am and 8.15am, log in and check my work email. Then i check hotmail and yahoo :), then i take a break for coffee and the occasional bagel/ breakfast munchies. I love to multitask - so while im drinking my daily caffeine dose, i read my bloggies. In no particular order, i visit Adefunke, Pilgrimage to life, Onada, Kunle's life, Olawunmi, Dilichi's, Bent out of shape, Beeyourdun, Femi etc. Then there are the blogs that are not updated daily and i know this so i only go there a few times a week - mine haha, Village Sista, i love Adaure's TopModel recap so every Thursday i go there and catch up on whatever else she might have updated.

Then i now open my work programs, log into EV and get to work! I was arguing with a friend of mine the other day that blogs are a somewhat true reflection of self??? what do i mean by this - From reading a person's blog, you can kinda get a picture of the kind of person the blog author is - for example there are some blogs out there all about finance, women who are about their business money-wise and they write about it online, my friend Femi (Magusi soup)is an underground hip-hop fan and he writes a lot about the artists he likes and the shows he goes to but he also talks a bit about his personal life, work with a little bit of everything. In fact, i remember when we were in college in like '99 - he introduced me to Mos Def who was not a mainstream guy then like he is today. In fact, i thought Mos was kinda wierd at first but now, i love me some Mos!!!! Some people blog about handbags, some about babes, guys, books, shopping, working but most people blog about a little bit of everything and in doing that - their opinions and personality comes out. Do you think your blog is an accurate reflection of you, a lovely facade or some combination of the two?

Which brings me to my piece de resistance -which blogger would i like to meet in person and why??? hmmmmm one look at my favorites and you'll know my answer!!!!ALL OF YOU GUYS!!! Why - cos im madam amebo and i want to place a face with the blog, and if ive seen your pic online somewhere then place your first impression meeting with the person ive gotten to know online!
I really want to know who Village Sista is - cos she is full of drama and all the names are coded! Olawunmi too cos he's one of the few guys on blogger doing his thing - he's the balogun leyin awon obirin (dunno the translation word for word), Pilgrimage because she seems like she's got it together men! She has a long list of things she wants to accomplish in life and she's not afraid to try - i like that! Bent out of shape because i think she's an amazing visual writer - everytime i read her blog i get a mental picture of what she's talking about very descriptive babe. Dilch because she just seems very real - like your homegirl who tells it like it is plus she knows Chewy my future husband! Kunle's of Kunle's life - I cant wait to see the 'after' blog - it shows how stuff is now but you just know that after the new job, new man, new thAngs, you just know that her blog will be bananas I always love reading! Onada - cool peoples - her blog reinspired mine but hers is always on point - GREAT Content - my financial advisor/bag consultant :), londonbuki - that babe's crazy - from her blog you can tell she's always fun - never a dull moment, pepper is peppery - always makes me laugh and the list goes on and on and on!!!! Who would you like to meet and why?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Strawberry Thots...

This morning, my thoughts are all over the place, but i find that when im not very happy with the way things are going here ie im getting bored with work, and my after-work life becomes so mundane and predictable.. i start wishing i was somewhere else aka Lagos or even mini-Lagos (london) but i get too tired of all the bus taking!
As if life in Lagos will be much better, in fact a friend recently reminded me about the Lagos traffic and i REMEMBERED! Its like all of a sudden you kinda forget about the negatives and only focus on the 'Christmas fun.' One time on the way to a wedding, we were in 'go-slow' for two hours going from BIS in Lekki to Lagoon which is on Ozumba Mbadiwe - something that shouldnt have been more than a 15 minute drive or even less! I just think it will be 'funner' than whatever im doing here. I guess i'll find out when i get there shey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, i went out for drinks with an uncle that has been in Canada since 1972! He has only been back to Nigeria 3 or 4 times in that interim and the last time he went was in December and i think he had both good and bad experiences there....he sha said he fled the place when leaving! He now started talking about stuff he kept hearing before he went back to LAgos (He only went for his mother's funeral so he kinda had to go). Stuff like people who were coming from 'away' (thats for my QC babes) had their family and ppl sha organise them - some were probably coming with loads of $$ to do business with and they were KILLED not robbed o... but KILLed! In fact, he told me the story of one guy who came with his family and straight from the airport on his way home he was attacked..... he rode in a car in front and his wife and kids rode in the car behind him and only his car was ambused and he was killed ! Forget how my knees started shaking.... i hate hearing stories like this but me i believe that you can die anywhere, anytime and if its your time to die, it doesnt matter whether you're in the US, Japan, Warri or Lagos wherever.... its an expected end!

Now, im still looking forward to moving back because i think there are plenty positives - now do i think the positives outweigh the negatives??? Nahhhhh i think they're about equal - but i also think that your comfortability - if i may make up my own english thank you very much - helps ease the pain of the negatives!!! Any Lagos people who have made that transition from 'away' back to Nigeria or are thinking about it and have some settling down tricks up their sleeves should feel free to leave a comment! Even if you didnt move back and you have some words of wisdom - feel free!!!

On another note, today has been a Mary J Blige Breakthrough day!! This CD is really good except for the fact that she can die for her husband o!! In fact, the music is giving me a complex!!! If you dont have a loving man that worships the ground you walk on, who is amazing, fantastic, wonderful, the best, almost perfect,............................, feel free to continue filling in the blanks positively- it might not be the best idea for you to listen to this cd when u're feeling blue about that man situation because i guarantee it will make you feel even worse - I mean she even gave me a complex! In fact, I miss the Mary that ehnnnn her music could cut a 'n*&&a' and he would really feel it. Please who has heard the 'not looking' song with Kci (Kci&Jojo) on her Mary album??? Mennnnn that song goes sooo hard...... If you listen to it ehnnnn she not only yapped him but she finished the guy! Thats what i call a Blindside Total Knock Out - they go one on one and she killed it! I highly suggest it when your man is acting up or when you need to reassert that your Independent woman "not looking for any nonsense" thang! I love it when im mad at full blast ehnnnnn it makes me feel like beating somebody hehe !!

Thank God its Friday, Im a bit upset Phat girlz isnt showing in Calgary - these movie industry people are just going to make me find someone to download it and send it to me or support the bootleggers!!! I am here ready to spend my money on a movie trip and they're tripping so i gotta do what i gotta do!!! Have a great weekend and dont forget to enjoy the view....

ps that reminds me - Meredith is leaving the view - who is going to replace her oooo??? I love her the most ooo and Star Jones had the nerve to start crying on air??? What is wrong with that woman ooo - Anyways Meredith has some big shoes to fill because she's so homey and cool and Katie Couric is kinda aloof and not that approachable!! When Meredith was talking about it sef, she was laughing so harddd her double chin was showing the whole time!!! Not great for a serious tv woman w/ Matt Lauer tooo that guy is pretty serious!!! I know she was excited and im happy for her sha and i hope they can find a good replacement for her on the view!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This blog just made my day!

Sugar is sweet and pepper is peppery is one of the funniest blogs ive read in ages! It has made me laugh, think and reminisce!! You go girl... Two thumbs up!

Just call him Chewy

My Blog subject today is Chiwetel Ejiofor aka Chewy!
Two weeks ago, I went to see Inside Man with some friends to see what new stew Spike Lee and Denzel had cooked up this time. Imagine my suprise when i saw the name Chiwetel Ejiofor in the opening credits... I started shouting in the movie theatre ... well not really shouting but internally i was screaming but i digress.

I was excited for two reasons - 1. He is Nigerian
2. Two weeks ago on Movie Central, I started but didnt finish Dirty Pretty Things. Now, this movie has to take the award for the grimiest movie ive watched in a long time! It was grimy but good - it was about an illegal Nigerian immigrant in London who is a Medical doctor but because of his illegal status - he is forced to do all kinds of 'gburu' and odd jobs. His boss/ manager at the hotel where he is the front desk receptionist, concierge, bellhop et al is involved in body parts trafficking and 'Okwe' is blackmailed into being involved. This manager will buy parts/ organs (hearts & kidneys) in exchange for a passport i.e. illegal immigrants who go to him can give him a kidney and he'll give them the British passport however, these 'surgeries' were not performed in a hospital! They were either done in the patient's houses or maybe in one of the hotel rooms and of course the manager would sell these parts for some ridiculous amount of money. 'Okwe' (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was now blackmailed by his manager on account of his status in the country to patch up any of these surgeries gone wrong and if im not mistaken to even perform some others. I didnt finish watching but i know it was a good watch :)

Anyways back to Inside Man, Chewy was acting right alongside Big Money Denzel and i know its just the beginning of even more FANTASTIC things to come.

Chiwetel Ejiofor
- I troway Salute my brother!

ps i know some people would have seen him in Amistad or Four brothers or even Love Actually but i didnt see him in those movies ...i plan to look for him in the nearest future!

Monday, April 03, 2006

April's Folly.....

Saturday was April 01, 2006 and i have to say it was the most uneventful April Fool's Day i have EVER HADDDD in my whole entire life. IN fact, i sat in anticipation of the phone ringing and waiting to catch any one of my friend's saying something foolish had happened or one kain 'twisted' gist! But to my suprise and dismay... nothing o! In fact, when 'Y' called at like 11am my time, i had to ask her, " dude did you forget that today's april fool's day?" And the babe was like "ehen.. so today's the first abi?" - ARRRGGHHH was my response!

Gone are the days when april fool's day was one of the best days of the year especially in Lagos. People would have been planning for ages on how to make the perfect prank/ joke happen. I was never a prank planner but i was always the RECIPIENT! In fact, the best prank that was played on me was a couple of years ago, when someone called me and told me that the President of Nigeria was caught in this big ol' scandal mess with like 3 women in a messy 'menage a trois' and his wife was also caught with her houseboy!! In fact, i should have known it was a lie but amebo like me - i wanted to enter the ground. My mouth was open so wide and i started looking for any news channel that would corroborate the story for me. Of course the abuses i rained ehnnnn im sure she will never forget it! Making me feel like one gist monger *hiss*

Anyways, I remember one cruel one i played on one guy that used to like me and then all of a sudden did a 180-degree turn and started liking one other babe like is! In fact, the babe was my senior in Sec. School! (i think it was just cos she was a yellow mamiwater) - Dont mind me, im just hating o! Anyways so after i was crushed by this development, i sent him an online e-card that on the outside said " I am sorry things didnt work out the way I wanted between us but i wanted to let you know that i still would like a second chance with you because i still love you or have feelings for you" anyways something nice and romantic sha and i know his head would have been swelling badlyyyyy but the minute he opened the card, it said "Happy April Fool's Day You FOOL!" HAHAHAHA wicKed right?? Serves him right for liking anoda yellow babe.... anyways, im suprised the boy still says hi to me :)