Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I got tagged!

I had decided to retire my 'blog' jersey and hand in the blogger card u know cos i actually enjoy reading other blogs than writing!! go figure abi.. but then i got tagged by Kunle and so to continue to be a good sport i figured i'd give it a go since i want to talk about my perfect lover!!!

These are the Rules:If I tag you, you have to do the following:1. The tagged victim must come up with 10 different points of their perfect lover.2. Need to mention gender of target.3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment saying they've been tagged.4. If tagged again, there's no need to post a 2nd time.

The man of my dreams hmmmm:
* Has to fear and respect God o - because that way he knows he is accountable for his actions and cannot do me anyhow if you know what i mean
* Has to be attractive to me - prefarably only me because as long as i think he's fine and nobody else thinks so thats ok cos the less attention on him from outside INFLUENCES the better!
* He should be well rounded - ie he should have the right balance of intellectualism as well as goofyism, charmism, sex appealism too!!! He should be able to teach me some things about life, the world in general, economics and money matters as well as being open to learn things that i have learned. Hmmm that makes sense to me but hey its my perfect lover abi not yours!
* We should connect on all levels especially emotional - He should understand me completely (my moods, my shakara etc) and deal with it well infact he should be the one that changes my moodiness to happiness and shakaras me back without being arrogant.
* He should worship me - noooo not worship like im God but think the world of me and think he's the luckiest man alive because he is anyways and really mean it not take the piss.
* He should call me back if i hang up! Thats a must...
* He should be financially stable - i dont like borrowing boyfriends money and then asking for it back!! I can dash you if i feel like it but dont come and ask me to borrow you money except in dire situations and then FORGET to give me back.
* He cannot be controlling or possessive, have a good sense or humor and understand my bag habits

I think I may be taking this perfect lover thingie seriously but hey thats what I would want in a perfect world.

ohhhhh i need to tag some people too - so i tag Magusi soup, Bent out of shape, and anyone else who has not been tagged already. Have fun guys!


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Onada said...

LOL. Thank goodness you are back!

At 10:37 AM, Blogger ToyinE said...

LOL...i kinda missed it!


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