Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Growing Pains....

This is third week at work and I think I have passed the "Ummm I have a question" mark with my boss but why is it that after I sit and stare at my computer for about 15 minutes trying to crack my brain and figure out whatever it is; then give up and run to her office and she comes to my desk - the freakin' thing looks like abc... She always solves my problems in 15 seconds or less! and trust me I have timed it! And why is it that she thinks im superwoman??? This assignment she gave me on Thursday or Friday (one of them I don't remember) and she told me she wanted it by Wednesday right?? Now, I think she or I forgot that Monday was a holiday so that pretty much leaves me with today !!! So we'll see how it goes - if I make the deadline or not ..... to be quite honest, I really don't care if I make it or not! im just TIRED OF HARD WORK!

Moving on.... I think im violating my work dress code today becos everybody has just been staring at me like I have two heads!! Last week, I decided to test out the code by wearing a chunky belt over my pants with my shirt tucked in!! No one said anything and today another belt and im getting all these stares!! As long as nobody says something - I do what I feel goes for business casual abi?? I don't have time to stress abeg!

Now - who listens to the radio or musik at work?? I listen to Wendy Williams in the afternoons because I don't buy a lot of my mags anymore - my life & style, people, us weekly, scoop, ok etc and she covers them pretty well for me as well as some juicy scoops... Today now, Ray J was on the show talking about his new album and I really think that boy has some issues!! Now, he was seen in a magazine (Jet I think) with a babe and Wendy of course asks if she's anybody significant in his life ie girlfriend, babymama - and guess what this boy says - shes someone who makes me good and I make her good too. OK Ray J, so she asks again are u guys good like in bed good ??? And he says we're good laying down, standing up - nowww he never said my girlfriend but he insinuated or pretty much said that they were bedfellows! Now, as a woman, girl, babe, whatever - even if that's all we're doing then u have no business announcing that im ur bedfellow to gossip mongers, at least he shd have made it sound better ..except she doesn't mind sha!! After all - he's Ray J..u know Ray J!!!!! and shes related to someone that had something to do with the OJ Simpson trial!!

ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, listen to wendy williams - she will kill u with laughter!!! She gets all her gists first even tho some of them are rumors cos ive busted her but she keeps me entertained at work!! Ciao.....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Java Junkie

I have now become an official Java Junkie...well sort of! Every morning when i leave the house to the train station, i sit with the mass of ipods, irivers, sony and phillips mp3 players among others! I walk from the station one block over to my office building and there the magic happens! Name it - Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim Hortons, Seattle's Best, even the gas stations have their own coffees! I think that if anyone is having a bad day, just run over to the closest starbucks and listen to the coffeespeak and u will be cheered up instantly!"Venti soy latte", "American with skim and a shot of espresso" I think the workers are trained to speak at their fastest when they are repeating and giving ppl their drinks and my favorite customers are the people who drink the coffee so much they just say 'feature' when they get to the counter!!! I didnt even know they had a feature coffee everyday - Go figure!!

Anyways Enough coffee talk - i just thot i'd share that with everyone...haha
Yesterday was the coldest day of MY LIFE! It was -25 degrees w/out factoring wind chill and -35 with the chill!!!!!! it was so cold breathing hurt, my bones and my ears hurt!! Yep i didnt cover them why?? No hat covers my braids thats why but today i used a pashmina over my head and ears!! Once bitten....no more.

I usually have interesting things to report but then i get really busy and i forget all about the entries and today that i have time, nothing fantastik is happening and so the entry is all dry!!!!

OH, well lets talk about weddings!! I Have several friends and familily members getting married this yr - starting in June - in Maryland, Toronto, 3 in Lagos, New Jersey and im sure more will come up! I only just thought about them and started adding up my ticket fares!!!! Im going to be in freakin' debt!!!! I not only have to attend these weddings, for most of them, i am in the wedding party so i have to buy Bridesmaid dresses, 2 hostess dresses, aso ebi, wedding presents, shower presents, prolly have to host the showers too and my whole yr's paycheck is definately going to these events. Gotta love it cos i love all the ladies getting married and it simply means i have to put my dancing shoes on cos i'll be dancing up a storm at the weddings and engagements.!! This is the time a lot of my friends are tying the knots and we have to deal with the 'rents and auntys asking - so who is the lucky guy or tell me about your boyfriend. Asking questions that they know when the time is right - they will get the answers they need to know.

Things i miss
1. 50, 60,even 70 degree weather
2. my Houston friends
3. my 5 mins drive to Neimans and Saks Outlet
4. dodo
5. The Galleria
6. plantain chips (only the peppery kind)
7. I have to get back to work so i'll continue the list later

ps. Someone owes me tons of True Love West Africa Mags so if u're reading this - i still want them u this 419 gal!