Monday, January 23, 2006

The adventures/ Misadventures of your favorite Shopaholic

Well guys...
You know your favorite girl cannot have gone this long without some funny gists about any shopping exploits that i have done since my last real post and now!!!!
SO i start with Lagos - I went to Lagos and didnt buy my stash of mags, movies, plantain chips, and even music cds!! but iwas hustling to buy sausage rolls and meatpie to take with me on the plane!! I tell you - misplaced priorities - however TFC's sausage roll has to be one of the best i have eaten in like 5 solid years!! The Airport security seized one each of my scotch egg, meatpie and chicken pie!! Imagine??? I guess they were hungry ay?

On to Jand - now their Dec/ jan sales were going on when i decided to pop in and boy!! I just kept wishing i was seriously wadded. I was only there for one full day and mennn see Topshop, New Look, Berksha, House of Fraser, even Hawes and Curtis had their 20 pound shirts!!! OHhh i went to an Aldo outlet somewhere and bought some shoes that are in Aldo now for 79.99 so Im laughing last innit!! The only thing that stresses me out about Jand is all the walking..especially cos it was December, i was walking around in the cold carrying my shopping bags. I guess the secret is dont buy too many things if u have to get home in the tube and/or bus and no one is with you or buy plenty and make sure u are close to ur domain so u can drop bags off and resume the shopping..

i'll be back to continue this one...

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Well my last post was in October '05 and this is January '06! I even forgot my password and to be really honest - i got bored with the whole typing thing.... what can i say - my attention span is really short! Well i stopped working at OPI in October and i started working at Cardinal Health , lost some friends, gained some, went to Lagos - had a blasttt, went shopping some more, and still need to make some new yr resolutions.

Anyways i really think God is trying to get everyone's attention - America really went thru some tough times last yr and even now with those 12 miners, the hurricanes last yr, the Nigerian plane crashes with all those school children and Pastor Bimbo - this world is getting crazier by the minute and i promise Faith is the only thing that will get us thru! Everyone please pray for America, UK, Nigeria, Isreal, Iraq and everywhere & everyone too!