Monday, October 03, 2005

Blog Complex

OK ive found my blog soulmates!! When i figure out how to link them to my blog i will but for now - i'll post a link here:
Barneysgirl and Harrodsgirl are amazing and are girls after my own heart and boy they also do not buy everything designer as much as they would like to becos of $$ but of course when they are able to - they buy the good stuff and when they're not able to they write about it!! Good job ladies...
Anyways, its been a long time since ive been on here, pouring my heart and soul out here but hey a diva needs a vacation ay??? NO, ive just been here at work, not doing a whole lot working, still reading and shopping and travelling as usual. The 21st was my birthday and not a whole lot happened except the whole of Houston was panicked about Hurricaine Rita and so we had to plan our evacuation moves and i ended up in Florida as usual to see my boo.

OK, so big dilemma, Off 5th was having a bonanza this wkend - buy one pair of shoes and get the other 50% off!!!! And i had a 20% off coupon off anything regular priced in the store and i walked out of the store with NOTHING.... My sensible side won this battlebut boy did i walk out of the store deflated.. i wanted the above shoes and this other one that my friend abused me "looks like school shoes" but my total with all my coupons and the sale would have been about $230 :(

OK this entry is dryyy