Sunday, September 11, 2005

Long time...

I almost forgot i had a blog.. and for people who know me - my attention span is so short that ive had bets placed to see how long i can keep this blog thing going.. Anyways we'll see how it works. I havent been on here in a while cos i usually only log on at work and my laptop's wireless card went Kaput a long time ago.
Anyways Philly/NY/Jersey last weekend was pretty much a great albeit short getaway from Houston. Ive finally decided that Houston is not for me and so I intend to head away shortly :) Destination: UNKNOWN!!! I had to attend two weddings and they were lovely - very lovely and i was impressed by both of them. I had been feeling kinda down since i got back home and i only figured out why yesterday - its cos i need to be in a fastpaced environment like NY and i have really missed living up there with my frequent trips to 34th and 7th for my shopping trips. Went there again while i was in Manhattan and hit up the usual spots also went to Bloomies with Olamide in Philly and got some really cool shoes my girl hooked me up with - I had never been to Bloomingdales EVER cos of course there's none in Houston - we barely just got a Nordstroms and i love it i love it i love it!!! In case u havent figured out - Yep im a shopaholic...

OK so i always like to inject humor in my musings bcos my mind is a rampant humorous playground hehe and i have to gist u about my phone trauma!! Last week, my cell phone dropped in the toilet (dont ask me how just use your imagination) ... OK maybe just dropped there sha and i had just hit the flush button so all the water just rushed on my poor hand held computer!!! (CLEAN WATER OF COURSE: CLEAN TOILET TOO) Anyways the screen just went black and it stopped working. I tried to shake all the water out of it because i couldnt figure out how to take the phone apart and dry out its battery - its a treo so i think it needs to be unscrewed somehow - i couldnt even find the screws!!! So all while i was in NY I had no phone and i had ordered another one and it got home while i was i ask my brother to open the box and guess what??? Sprint sent me an empty box!!!!!!!!!! No phone inside , in fact i was so pissed that i called them well their Insurance company but they were lucky they were closed cos they would have heard it!!Anyways when i got home on Monday, My old phone that fell in the water container was hooked up to the charger and was working!! just barely tho' because my phone book was wiped out, my texts, pictures, everything was gone!

Oh and ladies, if a guy tells u that your style is : simple, nice and lovely?? What would you think?? boring right - any guys that read this if a good female friend of urs or God forbid your girlfriend or wife asks u to describe her style in 3 words - simple , nice and lovely should not be words that come out of your mouth!!! oh and in the process of describing another person's style - sexy, attentiongrabbing and style pioneer comes out of the same said guy's mouth u know something is wrong - and if this guy is your boyfriend - he's so DEAD!!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

bah humbug

OK!! Im officially not having a very good day!! My computer at work must have been manufactured in the 1980's because its running as slow as ......... (feel free to fill in the blanks) and ive been assigned a special project at work which involves use of the computer of course and my telephone 100% and the stupid machine is so slowww.. Ive requested a new and of course faster computer a gazillion times already but i can bet $1000 that i probably will not get one till i leave the company and that frustrates me to bits!! Anyways, I also have a wedding tomorrow and yuppp i dont have anything to wear (hehe) I know you fellas probably could care less but its more or less a social crisis hehehe. My original plan after work was to hit the stores to try to find something but i doubt thats going to happen since i have a 4.30 pm appt today so i probably have to wing it somehow... we'll see how that goes sha!

My mom asked me something this morning regarding reading my Bible and praying and i realized i have not been doing much of either in a little while and while i was driving to work today - I was actually scared!! I have been going about doing my little day to day thing UnPrOtEcTeD!!!!Anything could have happened and its probably why stuff isnt going as smoothly as i want it to .. so i really have to get right and do it right Now!!

On a lighter note, im really excited because my fashionista friend foofie is sposed to be mailing me some Naija mags and movies!!! Yepp i enjoy those very much and this particular mag is called True Love West Africa!!! Ive heard tons of good stuff about it and for those of you who read or know of Genevieve magazine - its supposed to be even better!! Another pally Odmoly wants to actually write for it so i definately have to let Snr Kemi know. Snr Kemi what happened to my copy of the mag now while you were in Chicago?? I was waiting and waiting and waiting...:) Snr Kemi is actually a very old old school mother and friend of mine while i was attending Corona Pry School V/I many many years ago!! She doesnt remember being my school mother so sometimes i think i just claimed it but oh well that title has stuck - Anyways she also went to QC but im not sure i met her there at all and she's the very lovely editor of this True love West Africa Magazine in Lagos, Nigeria and i think i shd get some advertising dollars for plugging the mag in my blog ay?

I also think i need a vacation badly - another one of my pallys in London Kof Kof just got back from a long wkend frollicking in Spain and i saw some pics today and boyyyy i need to gerrout of Houston and out of America for that matter. However, I will make do with my fab trip this wkend to Philly and Jersey/NY and i will gist you all about it when i get back on Tuesday cos i have the day off TOMORROWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

* Did u hear the trumpet harumphinggg in the background** haha i did....