Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Did anyone watch the news all day yesterday?? New Orleans is pretty much wiped out, Parts of Mississippi and Alabama are not faring so great either... Disaster is widespread and ppl are missing etc.. Nigerians will say that God is mad at America or maybe the ppl of New Orleans need to go and pray for forgiveness. Even me in jest, i said that maybe all the partying on Bourbon st and Mardi Gras made God upset but thats not funny and whatever the reason behind it those ppl are going through some horrible horrible times. Lets think about the elderly people who are not as mobile and probably were not able to evacuate, even the hospitals with patients in the ICU and Condi reminded me of the Prisoners in prison - who nobody thought to evacuate u know - U guys that pray please remember These three states in your prayers!!! I saw the governor of Louisiana (a lady i dont remember her name) and menn she looked like she was about to cry - can you imagine your whole state a Federal disaster zone!! God please help them o - ohhh and no drinking water at all, no electricity - the place has been tko'd.

On another note, traffic on the freeway made me want to shoot someone ... God help the road ragers!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First musings....

OK, Like im so excited.... my first blog ha! done on company time too double ha ha!
Anyways.. Ive been reading several people's blogs - some friends (Femi) and some stalkers... and even the babe whose blog got her into trouble - the one that worked for a magazine or something. Dont worry i wont write anything about my job - this blog is for me about me and me alone.... well something like that anyways.

Are you wondering where the name Trendy Cosmopolitan came from?? Well worry no more.. I asked one of my best friends whom i shall call Condi(she's named after Mz Rice) in fact she shd be demoted to acquaintance level cos i was demoted from maid of honor to regular bridesmaid at her wedding - imagine!!! Anyways I asked Condi to give me 3 words that described me and/or my style and her words were Trendy, Cosmopolitan, somewhere btw Smart and Intelligent (meaning im above smart but not quite at Intelligent yet - stupid girl) Fashionista,and brilliant but i just decided to go with TrendyCosmo cos the computer accepted it and there u have it - the name TrendyCosmo - doesnt it sound like it could rhyme with Trendy Homo????

My day today:
So i had a job interview today at 9am with an energy company andddd it lasted 2.5 hours with me meeting and greeting 4 different men o and having to tell them about myself and my career aspirations four different times!! Anyways so the first guy i meet i'll call him dz - upon taking a look at my resume saw the Economics and Finance there immediately asked me about regression analysis, Black-Scholes Equation, Optimization curves and DURATION!!!! In fact i was seriously weak men, i felt like i should have consulted my Econometrics text books seriously before this interview but i managed to fumble my way through the questions. Then he started writing eqations on this conference room board and i was really like wow - " I dont remember any of this stuff" in my mind of course nodded like i knew exactly what he was saying - u know what i mean - as he was saying x1alpha + gamma yt + n ; me too i made sure to make appropriate noises and as he said the final plus n i joined him saying a loud N haha. Thought that was quite funny and wanted to share it before i forgot all about it.

This page is just designed to be my release from hard work at work and also about my fashionista dreams, my stylist dreams and my book reviewer dreams. Let me digress and tell you a bit about that - So im a pretty avid reader - I like autobiographies, John Grishams, James Pattersons, and my newest genre - chicklit!!! In case you're wondering - chick lit is the "the devil wears prada, confessions of a shopaholic, something blue etc genre. So i do a google search on chicklit and see this website - - and i get all excited - It has all the new chicklit books that have come out categorized according to months of release and it even has a forum for chicklit lovers like moi - so i get all excited seeing as ive read maybe 10 of the hundreds of books on this website. Anyways RianM who is the administrator of the site is looking for book reviewers - and I jumped at the chance to read and review books that i enjoy reading - ahn ahn why not!! I was reading one book so i emailed her asking if i could do a review of the book and send it to her - she replied that sure and it took me like a week but i did it - college term paper style - one page single-spaced with correct intro, body and conclusion paragraphs and i even had Condi review my review :) and she made me change some things to make it sound professional. I turned it in to Rian about a week ago and the babe did not even reply me o.... So giving her the benefit of the doubt - i emailed her again yesterday that maybe she didnt get it or have a chance to read it - still no word - i think my book reviewing career is almost over even before it started. Anyways i will just have my bloggers read my reviews and hope they will get published or at least get me some ARC from some publishers and writers out there.

ps plz excuse any tiouns because this is unedited - thanks