Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy New Year right?

Ok, so i have no excuses that i wish to give at the moment but something is nagging me at this point that i feel like i have to share - I am dating this guy and he's upset with a really good female friend - who has also reached out to me during our whole dating experience and has been super friendly to me too. Now, she mus have figured out that my boo is upset with her and has asked me wsup - Do i tell her that he's upset with her and why and how she can fix it or do i simply mind my own business and let them mend their fences on their own??? I kinda want to tell her wsup but i have been told to stay out of it and she has asked ol' boy what the matter is and his response has been "nothing's wrong." I feel a little bad here so please help me out!

On another note isnt Bella Naija Fabulous - i feel like she needs to post multiple times a day so that my ameboish tendencies would be quelled. so Bella - post regularly ok - this babe needs more and more of your gist man!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yawa don gas o!

Wow....It feels like forever since i blogged :) - been really busy - work, life etc but i just heard one juicy gossip like this that i just had to share - nooo im not an amebo i just like to keep my people informed! Now, not sure if you guys are familiar with NY gossip queen Wendy Williams??? Anyways, i think i blogged about her many months ago and i used to listen to her at work last yr with all her juicy gist! In fact, she was the one who informed me that my Brian McKnight was a bit of a funny bunny, she broke out that Superhead gist and had her, Method and Method's babe on a 3-way! Anyways, babe is just SCANDALOUS! Turns out that she's been fired from her WBLS gossip gig because of some piccies that she released of Diddy! Now if you've listened to her show - there's no love lost between Wendy and Diddy because she has always said he was a funny bunny too - having something with all his guys - Fansworth, Loon, Ma$e to mention a few. But this has to be the cincher - she released these piccies of Diddy and he had her blacklisted from the radio...

Now, does that look like the man or not??? Wendy too went looking for trouble - she should have left his funny butt alone:).

On a more serious note, Im reading one of the most amazing books ive read in a long time! Its called the five people you meet in Heaven and its really good! If you haven't read it, please buy it, borrow it, beg somebody for it or go to barnes and noble and sit there and read it abeg! its that good and i might be kinda late in catching the hype but i shall post a review on our book blog! Well, no more gist for now... Im headed to lagos in a week and really looking forward to the trip, eating some GREAT food, hanging out with friends and of course the purpose of the trip - being Maid of Honor in my girl's wedding! Ciao!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Long time no blog.....

I know i know, its been a while! I haven't been on here to actually complete an entry since i got tagged but even before that - donkey years. If you open my edit thingie - i have several entries saved as drafts but have they been completed - NAHHH more like deleted :)
Anyways, not a whole lot has been going on here, ive been trying to be on my best behavior here at work cos me and one babe i work with got into it a week ago and she's lucky im trying to get another position here thereby making sure i impress the boss or else i would have shot her with a machine gun in her dirty mouth straight up.

This heffer (heiffer) spell it however works for you - must have been having a bad day or pmsing or was having man issues because i asked her a simple question about some accounting checks we have to go thru because of bloody sarbanes-oxley. Anyways, she was short with me at first, me not thinking asked her another question and that was what tore the roof down. I was sposed to have met with her the previous day so she could cross train me on some stuff and i completely forgot so i went outside to gist with one of my work buddies on how i could get more of that corporate cheese. Anyways, while me and this guy were gisting outside (cos the weather was lovely) we forgot that the fountains are pretty close to where the smokers congregate o. This babe or someone must have been smoking and seen us gisting instead of me working LOL and she got mad at me the next day. Talking about she waited for me but i was no where to be found and i didnt make an effort to reschedule with her and this morning, instead of me to talk to her about it - i was on the phone - and not only on the phone but for 3 hours!!!! She now went on to say that everybody in the office had noticed it bla bla bla - and they all talked about it. Thats when the shot would have gone off in her mouth - stupid girl - First of all, i then realized that okkk she and her buddies had been watching me and gossiping but not only that i had been BUSTED! I wasnt on the phone for 3 hours but of course i had been gisting for a little bit. These Oyinbo ppl ehn, they watch you and while you thinkthey're laughing at your jokes and going for happy hour with you. Then that nite she wrote me an apology letter talking about she was tired and frustrated and bla bla bla. * As for that position i was eyeing, i now got invited for the interview and who was in there on the interviewing panel - yep u gotit!!! That looselipped babe - and one of the questions they asked me was if i had any conflict with a team member while working with them and i nicely looked her in the eye and smiled while my mouth said no :) Politics baby!

OK on to more fun stuvvs, I read Dilichi's Blog yesterday and i was loving the topic!! Seems like a guys telling babes that their relationship should be on the downlow is more common than i thought. So i will tell a little story about my own experience which anytime i think about - i laugh ehnnnn! I met this guy about 5 yrs ago - shortly after i graduated from college and he had just come to Houston from London. ***Beware London guys***. Anyways, he was there on 'bizness' for about 3/4 months and when i say this guy was FOINE - he sure was! He looked like a dark chocolate Tyson Beckford and i kid you not! His nephew and niece, who were 4 & 6 then - when they saw pics of Tyson in mags and on a bus - they shouted Uncle See your picture!! I met him at my friend's birthday pari and this friend had been shadowing him sef... she called him 'stripper' so i'll call him that for the purpose of this blog. Anyways, she was flirting and playing with him that nite when i walked in and me and homeboy had a connexion. Apparently he was having something with my mentioned friend's older sister and was enjoying the attention from the little one but i digress. Anyways sha that nite, we start talking and it escalated a bit to romancing and homeboy wanted it on the dl because of the sisters above and also he had a permanent babe in Jand!!! - forget my FBI skills o - anyways just in case a lot of you are saying - kai Never! Once a guy tells me lets keep things under wraps Im outtie- let me just remind you of how fine Tyson Beckford is.

**Disclaimer - im not feeling Tyson again o - ive got my own Brad Pitt :)

To my blog-girls going on Vacays (- Londonbuki & Biodun) enjoy the fun in the sun! I know i surely will this weekend and will be back to update laters! Ciao

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I got Tagged!

I got tagged by London Buki and Adefunke so here's my AtoZ

Accent – Funkilized!
Booze – anything sweet will get me - when it tastes too much like alchi thennn nahhh dude!
Chore I hate – Washing dishes - i like to cook and then have someone else finish the clearing up for me
Dogs/Cats –None men! Maybe a little cute maltese or something but i cant stand dog hair on my clothes or furniture
Essential electronics – Cell Phone... not really a gadget person
Favourite perfume - Dior Addict/Angel - im a perfume person so the list can keep going and going and going hehe
Gold/silver – Both
Hometown – Delta
Insomnia – Never been a problem
Job title – Accounting Analyst - whatever the heck that means?!?
Kids - Not yet
Living arrangements – not sure what this answer is supposed to be....House?
Most admired trait - my sezzy smile.
Number of sexual partners – Whos counting?
Overnight hospital stays – Never had to yet - im scared of hospitals oooo... Deathly afraid of IV's aka drip too
Phobia - live chikens...ahhhh i like them better dead!
Quote – anyone that inspires and has a good message - i like.
Religion - Christian
Siblings - 3 brothers
Time I usually awake – Alarm goes off at 6am but i snooze till about 6.20am
Unusual talent – cant think of it joo
Vegetable I refuse to eat – does pawpaw count? ok ok for the posh ppl - papaya(YUCK)!!
Worst habit - surfing d net at work
X-rays – plenty - recently had one done of my chest cos hospital diagnosed a chest infection!
Yummy foods I make – Bankolemo stew (thanks Gabs), curry chikin and just took up baking!
Zodiac sign – Virgo

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How good are your driving skills?

Just got these - hilarious!

To Job Search or not to....

What are the primary factors that make you consider a new position or log onto and various companies websites to check their current postings? Boredom with your current position, more of a challenging role that lets you ACTUALLY use what you learnt in school, managerial/ supervisory advancement in the nearest future , experience or good ole' money??? I have a friend who got a NIZE offer from one of the Big 4 Consulting companies and quite suprisingly, money is not the deciding factor. Sure they are offering a nice mouth-watering bundle of money, but more importantly they are offering the opportunity to become a Manager in the next yr as well as a diverse array of job responsibilities.
I think when i first entered the job market, right after college, any job i could lay my hands on was KEY! In fact, my first job was for three months working at Bank One with some mortgage loan processors. I used to tell customers who liked to call all the time asking about the status of their loans whether it was approved, if it was still being reviewed factors that were delaying the approval ie if they needed to send in more documentation or if they had bad credit or whether you were plain SOL etc. Then i could tell you your debt-to-income ratio, the amount of equity you had in your house that would qualify you for a Line of credit bla bla bla BUT the job was in the middle of downtown Houston, so far that i couldnt drive there - i would have to drive to the closest Park n' ride near my house (20 mins in rush hr traffic) and then sit on a rageddy bus with all kinds of people for an additional half an hour till i got to work and the cycle continued on my way home.
Now, i would NEVER accept this kind of job again - not even in another lifetime well.....except the money was just plain fantastic but even then i'd have some serious doubts.

What i am currently looking for apart from a great salary of course - is one that gives me the right kind of industry exposure - the right kind of experience with transferable skills that are applicable not only in one area of work but almost any! One that i definitely enjoy going there everyday and supports my shopping habits too! And one with recognition for hardwork and success - something that you really feel proud doing and a good employee Investment all you balling me already!!! Ahn ahnn, this same friend of mine has stock options ehn that will make your mouth water, His company rewards them with stock bonuses as well as cash! Of course this is only good news if the company is doing well but you can imagine what the CEO and CFO are seriously cashing in just in stocks alone! This also brings to mind the CEO of ExxonMobil who made how much in salary & bonuses last yr - when i first heard his story - i wanted to be his daughter! Now, i want to be him period!!! I need to wangle and finangle my way onto the Executive floors of some company preferably in Nigeria and stake my tax-free claim jare.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peter and his toybox

Randomly i remember things from my childhood - my memory isnt the greatest so when i do i try to write it down or record it somehow so i can remember later. I used to have a journal on my computer but then i decided to password protect it and guess what i forgot - yepp the password. Please if you know how to crack/ change the password on a word document without remembering the old password - please holla at me abeg.

Anyways this morning, im at my boss's cube talking to him about something and then randomly i look at his nametag and i start to remember 'Peter and his toybox.' Who remembers this tv show from eons ago? I also remember the different languages Peter and his toybox were translated to when the intro started playing - i even remember one - "Sundu kala Peter".

Dont you just hate it when....

Its so annoying when 7am in the morning - i encounter / see people smoking???? Why now?? Why is that the first thing you choose to do when u get up in the morning on your way to work, school whatever? What really pissed me off this morning was this bush man walking in front of me, holding his cancer stick behind him so as the wind blew - his nonsense ashes were just flying into my face and nostrils? If he doesnt mind lung disease, at least he should spare the ppl around him abi did i ask for smoke too? nonsense - i'll get to work in the morning and start smelling like i was at the club last nite!!! Hiss!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Waxing

I had the funniest experience this past weekend... Maybe boredom, curiosity or too much tv but i went to try out a nail shop this weekend to get a pedi done and just looking at their price list, i noticed the sign "waxing." So i asked the babe who was working on my feet - so how much for ur waxing and guess what this babe asked me - eyebrow/upper lip - $5. Now, if you know me, im not hairy at all, in fact the eyebrow genes musta skipped me because the hair there cannot withstand any kind of waxing. They only handle threading or razors- not even tweezers (sensitive skin)!!!! It was funny she mentioned my upper lip because i have always contemplated having that place waxed...nooooo i dont have a moustache but that place is quite dark, and because im sorta kinda yellow (hehe) some parts of my face ie the place right above my lip sticks out because its darker than my cheeks. I wasnt sure if it was hair but i told the babe to wax it o - so we go to this 'Inner Chamber' and she puts the hot wax on my lip and me i just stopped her asking if it was goign to hurt - of course i had heard the lady in there before me getting her eyebrows done shout like a banshee but i had to ask now afterall this was my FIRST time waxing anything ever!!!!She laughed and said no and then put the strip to my lip and pulled!!!! It stung a bit but what really hurt me was when i looked at the strip expecting to see lots of dark, i saw NOTHING!!!!!! NO hair, nothing!!!!! Im just naturally dark up there - it wasnt hair - sucks!